Sunday, 13 April 2008

Green Party local election website and broadcasts

Its well worth visiting our local government election website by following this link.

Also....don't forget to watch our election broadcasts (local election and GLA) which will air on Tuesday the 15th - 6.30pm on ITV and 6.55pm on the BBC (radio and television).

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Green Party - Find Out More!

Want to find out more about the Green Party? Why not read some of our leaflets such as the mini-manifesto and our views on public services and climate change. Follow this link.

Green Party Local successes 2 - Norwich

The Green Party has had real successes in local government. We are making a real difference up and down the country.

In Norwich, where we have 10 councillors, The Green Party has been responsible for renewable energy in all new developments and protecting and promoting local businesses. To find out more, follow this link and watch the video.

Green Party Local successes 1 - Renewables in Kirklees

The Green Party has had real successes in local government. We are making a real difference up and down the country.

In Kirklees, West Yorkshire, The Green Party has been responsible for a free insulation scheme for householders and the installation of solar panels in Huddersfiled. To find ot abot this follow this link and watch the video.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Mr 10%

Gordon's at it again - bashing the poor..........

Here are the headlines from the 8th April on the BBC:-

"Ministers are coming under increasing pressure to rethink scrapping the lowest 10p rate of income tax, amid warnings it will hurt low earners.

The Commons Treasury committee said childless single people earning under £18,500 would lose up to £232 a year.

Some 73 Labour MPs have signed motions expressing concerns, among them David Hamilton, MP for Midlothian, who warned Gordon Brown could face a rebellion.

Treasury Minister Jane Kennedy said the government would not reverse the move.

She told the BBC's Newsnight programme: "I can't see us reversing this tax change at all."

This tax change was introduced by Gordon himself, when he was chancellor, in last years budget, to cheers from New Labour backbenchers. Now those same backbenchers are threatening to vote the measure down - which is odd because they had an opportunity when the budget was introduced - so why didn't they take it then?

What Gordon's change shows is that New Labour have now totally abandoned their traditional supporters in the working class. Yet another betrayal in the long years of betrayal from a New Labour government.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

My Manifesto for Northwich West

If elected I will work to:

• Get Cheshire West and Chester to invest in small-scale locally owned renewable energy, saving you money and helping to fight climate change

• Promote local shops and businesses so that people can provide local services saving time, energy and money

• Build better public transport links to integrate local bus and rail services, and provide safe cycleways

• Oppose the construction of a waste incinerator in Lostock Gralam and promote waste reduction and recycling

• Introduce a 50mph speed limit on the A566 Northwich bypass in Davenham and Kingsmead

• Protect local schools, post offices and health services from cuts, closures, creeping privatisation and financially damaging PFI schemes

• Give local neighbourhoods a direct say in issues that affect them – devolving powers to neighbourhood forums and parish councils.

The great renewable energy swiz

Are you, like me, one of many people in the UK who would like to generate electricity in your own home? We now have the technology to generate energy locally by means of solar panels and wind turbines and the technology is improving all the time. The government is committed to having 15% of the UK's energy needs fulfilled by renewables by 2020 - so you would think that they'd be working hard to help people like you and me move into renewable energy. Not so. The New Labour government seems to be trying to do its best to strangle the UK renewables industry.

Why is this happening? New Labour is tied firmly to its friends in big business and that includes the energy companies. In addition, New Labour has fallen hook, line and sinker for the mythology of nuclear power. BERR (the Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) is pretty much owned by the nuclear lobby, just as the old MAFF was controlled by the pesticide companies and agribusinesses.

The last thing these people want is for you and I to be able to generate our own power when we could be paying exorbitant bills to them so that they can generate big profits. So now we find ourselves in the absurd position that, while countries like Germany are pressing ahead with relatively massive development in renewables, we are just scratching the surface. This is another one of the growing list of reasons why New labour are going to lose the next general election.